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Eastern Union Federation
東部組合 Tobu Kumiai
Motto: Sharing tomorrow
Capital East Capital
Largest city Capital
Official languages English, Japanese, Korean
Recognised regional languages Chinese, Persian
Ethnic groups 97% Isumiyan, 2% Fujimiyan, 1% Other
Demonym Isumiyan
Government Monarchy
• Queen
Empress Miyu
Legislature Committee
Independence granted from the Square One Federation
• First Emperor
June 14, 12189
• Union Established
May 10, 12201
• Square One Federation
February 1, 12212
• Liberation Day
April 20, 12239
Currency Eastern Yen (EYE)
Time zone SEA
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +105-1400
ISO 3166 code EU
Internet TLD .eu

Eastern Union is a federation and sovereign island nation located on the Isumiyan archipelago, south-east of the Fujimiyan peninsula and north of the Blue Islands. Historically, Eastern Union was known as the largest nation is the eastern hemisphere stretching approximately 710,000km² at it's height.

Eastern Union entered a long period of isolation in the late 21st century, ending in occupation by the Square One Federation who ruled the archipelago for nearly a century. The country is divided into 48 provinces and 9 regions. Approximately 41 million people live in the Tobu Corridor, making it the most populous area in the country.