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Eastland, Domco (formerly Eastern Island) is the eastern island of the Midway Atoll. On 10/3/12, it was bought by Domco International in exchange for giving desparate nations economic leeway. The now corporate-owned island is now used as a harbor, a feul depot. and storage facility for pending imports/exports and is home to 1,451 employees at a time.


The atoll was sighted on July 5, 1859, by Captain N.C. Middlebrooks. Since its first attempt in 1871, settling in the area was a constant ,yet futile, pursuit. It remained so until 1903, when the United States claimed the atoll to act as a military base. Decades later, Midway would become a luxurious tourist attraction and, near the end of WWII, a battleground. Since then, it has served as a military asset to The States during the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In 1978, Midway was handed over to the public as a historical landmark and museum but has been closed as of 1993 due to pollution from military waste. As of the 2011 Tsunami, it is predicted that Midway, along with many other small Pacific Isles, will be uninhabitable without drastic efforts for preservation. These actions were taken by numerous countries as a requirement of Domco's acceptance of monetary leniency.

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