Economic and Defense Network
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Eden Locator Map
Motto: Peace in the Pacific
Eden Territory, California, 22x20px Allied States of America
Largest City. Los Angeles, California, ASA
Official language English
 - Secretary General
International alliance
Dominic Keen (Australia)
Formation: April 1, 2012

The Economic and Defense Network (abbr. Eden) is a military and economic alliance currently comprising of most of the "Western" nations of the world, most notably the two founder-nations, the Allied States and Australia.


After the foundation of the Allied States in 2004, the Pacific Special Relationship was established between the AS and Australia. On 1 April 2007, President Timothy Mac and Prime Minister John Howard met in Brisbane, Australia to discuss furthering relations. After a two hour long meeting, the Brisbane Treaty was signed, creating the Economic and Defense Network.

Brisbane Charter

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Article One: Foundation

    • The name of the alliance, network, relationship or whatever term it may go by will officially be the "Economic and Defense Network," legally abbreviated to "Eden."
    • The Allied States of America and the Commonwealth of Australia will retain titles as FOUNDERS of the alliance.
    • Eden will take the form of an economic and defense alliance.
    • The SECRETARY GENERAL, DEPUTY SECRETARY GENERAL and NETWORK SUPREME COMMANDER must reach a unanimous verdict before any OFFENSIVE ACTIONS can be taken.
    • Eden will be administered by the SECRETARY GENERAL and DEPUTY SECRETARY GENERAL.
    • Joint Allied States-Commonwealth military forces will be administered by the NETWORK SUPREME COMMANDER.

Article Two: Joint terms

  • Section 1, THE ALLIED STATES OF AMERICA requests of the COMMONWEALTH to...:
    • Accept any new foreign policy fairly established by the ALLIED STATES LEGISLATURE.
    • Yield any enemies of the ALLIED STATES to the ALLIED STATES should they be captured by any member of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.
    • Engage in fair trade with the ALLIED STATES, among others by not establishing HIGH TARIFFS or HIGH QUOTAS.
    • Respect a MUTUAL PROTECTION PACT and NON-AGGRESSION AGREEMENT with the ALLIED STATES for a period of FIVE YEARS, renewable.


There are three leadership positions within Eden, namely the Secretary General, currently Australian politician Dominic Keen, the Deputy Secretary General, currently Allied States Confederate Party politician Robert O'Toole, and the Network Supreme Commander, currently Allied States Navy Admiral Idan Lewis. The two Secretary Generals act as administrators of the alliance while the NSC commands the joint-Allied States-Commonwealth military forces when the duo fight together in conflicts. Other, smaller organizations also make part of the Network.

  • Eden Criminal Court of Justice (ECCJ)
  • Eden Social and Economic Council (ESEC)
  • Eden Joint Tourism Board (EJTB)
  • Eden Health Agency (EHA)


Eden Locator Map

Member countries (light blue).


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