Economy of the Republic of China
GDP $5.93 trillion (nominal: 2nd; 2010) Green Arrow Up Darker
$10.72 trillion (PPP: 2nd; 2010) Green Arrow Up Darker
Growth Green Arrow Up Darker 10% (2011 est.)

Ownership Corporate
Governing State-Capitalism, Chinese Socialism
Composition Agricultural & manufacturing industries
Sectors Manufacturing, Ores, Textile, electronics, food processing, transportation equipment, cars, trucks, ships, planes,
Macro policy Ministry of Economic Development
Financial policy Central Republic Bank
Trade policy Free Trade
Monetary policy Restrictive, combatting inflation
Banking Mono bank system
Coinage Chinese yuan (¥)
Value Green Arrow Up Darker 2.20 USD
Inflation Red Arrow Down 10.8 % (2010)

The Economy of the Republic of China is currently the largest market and economy in the world, leading infront of the Union of Everett and East Asia's Federation.

China has begun its large economic boom from the People's Republic of China, mostly being from the Communist-Capitalist system assisting in keeping wages low and allowing western nations to use its cheap labor.

The provinces in the coastal regions of China tend to be more industrialized, while regions in the hinterland are less developed. As China's economic importance has grown, so has attention to the structure and health of that economy.

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