Industries by Region

  • 1. Kings- Finance, Media, Tourism (GROWING behind the strength of Financial sector)
  • 2. South VZ- Shipping, Tourism, Finance (GROWING behind the strength of Shipping and Tourism)
  • 3. North VZ- Shipping, Wine, Tourism, Defense (GROWING in all sectors)
  • 4. Elizabeth- Oil, Manufacturing, Finance (Growing slowly, from Oil)
  • 5. Morgan- Manufacturing (SHRINKING)
  • 6. Alba- Food, Agriculture (GROWING in Food Sector)
  • 7. Alfreds- Goverment, Oil (Growing slowly in Oil)
  • 8. St. Ann's- Manufacturing, Fishing, Coal (SHRINKING across the boards)
  • 9. Alexander- Defense, Tourism, Manufacturing (Shrinking in all, including Defense)
  • 10. Parssipany- Oil, Diamonds, Tourism, Timber (Growing slightly, Diamonds strong)

Diamonds Industry

Some of the world's most unique diamonds come from an area of Parsippany dubbed the Royal Hills. The most famous stone is the Pink Lady, which is a rare pink stone.

Oil Industry

There are huge oil deposits off the coast of the island of Parsippany.

Agricultural Industry

Wheat, Cranberries, Apples, Blueberries, Maple Sugar, Potatoes, Spring Water, Poultry, Eggs, and Dairy are big cash crops. An important and growing part of the AR economy is artisan foods.

Fishing Industry

The fishing industry is crucial to the Northern economy of the Atlantic Republic, based on lobsters, clams, and deep sea fishing. Whaling as an industry is now extinct.


Paper, Lumber, Wood Products, Electronic Equipment, Leather, Food Products, Textiles, Bio-technology. Ceramics, glass, chemical plants, refineries.


  • St. George is the country’s island getaway for the rich and famous. The island’s featfeast day is April 23 when a week long festival takes over St. Geoge Town. St. George is the farthest south reaching part of the AR, and is not far from Bermuda. Seven Deacons Island is off the coast of St. George and is home to many small tony boutique hotels.
  • Mount Arlington is the country’s ski resort. The town of Arlington Slope and Arlington Cliff are known as upscale resort areas. Smaller resorts are Mount Lardo and Mount Solano serve a more modest clientele.
  • Atlantis has many popular beaches frequented by tourists. Verrazano Island’s eastern shore is much more developed and more conducive to sun bathing, but its’ western coast and its pebbly beaches are unspoiled and growing in popularity. Credo Bay and Tiny Credo have become quite up market on the West Coast. Verrazano Island has a Sunrise and Sunset Coast.
  • World City
  • Surfing
  • Skiing
  • Beach
  • Golf/Spa
  • Opera
  • Casinos
  • Nature

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