Education in the Ponant
Minister of Education Aldo Lhaapo (since Jan. 2010)
Budget Ė650.8 billion (US$475 billion)
Enrollment (million) 90.13 (2014)
  • Primary[1]: 50.16
  • Secondary[2] : 25.08
  • Higher : 14.89
Male 98.5%
Female 99.5%
Total 99%

Primary language Kriollatino

The educative system of the Ponant is the responsibility of the Ministry of National Education of the Ponant (Kriollatino : Ministereyo Nacia de Edukazo or MINAE). According to the laws of the Ponant, education must be granted to all citizens and residents between the age of 7 and 16.

Education is defined as a planned effort to establish a study environment and education process so that the student may actively develop his/her own potential to gain the religious and spiritual level, consciousness, personality, intelligence, behaviour and creativity to him/herself, other citizens and for the nation. Each year passed at school has to be validated by an year-end exam.

School grades

The year is divided into five bimester. The first bimester starts in January.

Grade Typical age Subjects
Grade I 3-4
Subject name Weekly Hours
Kriollatino 4
Local language[3] 4
Mathematics 1
social Education 9
sport 2
Total 20
Grade II 4-5
Grade III 5-6
Grade IV 6-7
Edukazo Devara Nivelo I (Compulsory Education)
Grade V 7-8
Subject name Weekly Hours
Kriollatino 5
Local language[3] 3
Mathematics 4
Social Education 3
Sport 2
Foreign languages (Spanish, English) 8 (4+4)
Total 25
Grade VI 8-9
Grade VII 9-10
Grade VIII 10-11
Subject name Weekly Hours
Kriollatino 3
Local language[3] 3
Mathematics 5
Physics 5
Social Education 3
Foreign languages (Spanish, English) 8 (4+4)
Total 27
Grade IX 11-12
Grade X 12-13
Edukazo Devara Nivelo II (Compulsory Education)
Grade XI 13-14
Subject name Weekly Hours
Kriollatino 3
Local language[3] 3
Philosophy 3
Mathematics 4
Physics 4
Biology 2
Social Education 5
Foreign languages (Spanish, English) 8 (4+4)
Total 32
Grade XII 14-15
Grade XIII 15-16
Subject name Weekly Hours
Kriollatino 2
Local language[3] 2
Philosophy 1
Mathematics 5
Physics 5
Biology 2
Social Education 3
Technology 5
Foreign languages (Spanish, English) 10 (5+5)
Total 35

Higher education

The higher education in the Ponant starts at the age of 16 by integrating preparatory classes which will be more specialized. There are two branches of study :

  • Human sciences (bases in history, language, literature)
  • Technology (bases in technology, physics, communication)
  • Science (bases in mathematics, physics and biology)

coefficients (30 in total) are distributed according to the branch of study.

Preparatory classes (Kurso priparenta especia)

Grade Typical age Common subjects' minimal coefficients
Kurso preparenta especia (Specialized preparative classes)
Grade I 16-17 Language (5), Science (5), Social Education (5)
Grade II 17-18

University (Kurso de Universito)

Grade Typical age Title/Qualification
Kursos de Universito
Baćiło I 18-19 Baćiłumo / Bachelor
Baćiło II 19-20
Baćiło III 20-21
Baćiło IV 21-22
Mestėro I 22-23 Magistero / Master
Mestėro II 23-24
Doktoro I 24-25 Doktoro / Doctor, PhD
Doktoro II 25-26
Doktoro III 26-27
Doktoro IV 27-28


A bimester period is composed of 7 weeks. The last week of the bimester are considered as holidays.

Period Duration
1st from last Monday of October till 1st Monday of November
2nd from last Monday of December till 1st Monday of January
3rd from last Monday of February till 1st Monday of March
4th from last Monday of April till 1st Monday of May

The summer holidays usually last from the last Monday of June till the first Monday of September.


  1. Preschool + EDN I
  2. Only in EDN II
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 The second official language of the Province, if there is one.

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