Edward I
Reign 1972 - 1980
Coronation 1972
Predecessor None
Successor Anna II
Born 2nd February 1910
Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom
Died 12th March 1983
Bath, Somerset, Wessex and Cornwall
Spouse Anna I
Full name
Edward Andrew Rosewarne
House House of Rosewarne
Father Andrew Rosewarne
Mother Rachel Rosewarne
Religion Protestant
Edward Andrew Rosewarne, style; Edward I (Born: February 2nd 1910 - Died 5th March 1983) was the first Monarch of the Kingdom of Wessex, which later became the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall in 1982. Suceeded by only daughter, Anna II, the current monarch of Wessex and Cornwall, Edward died following a three year battle with cancer in 1983, after abdicating the throne in 1980. 

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