Edwin Adkins
Emperor of the American Imperium
Reign 2004 - Present
Born June 21, 1946
San Diego, California, United States
Spouse Marissa (1973-present)
Issue Robert (1974)
Angelica (1976)
Full name
Edwin Luis Adkins
House Adkins
Religion Protestantism
Edwin I (b. July 21, 1946 - ) is the first and current Emperor of the American Imperium.


Early life and education

Employment by the United States Department of Justice

Reign as Emperor

Personal life

Spouse and Issue

Personal relations



Issue Stance Quoted Reason
Right to Protest No "Let this be my only warning to those who dare to protest my government or my policies, you will be greeted by tanks and armed helicopters, not police officers in riot gear. I don't care if your protesting against the number of calories found in a freaking McDonald's cheeseburger. Either you keep your opinions to yourself or you'll be on the recieving end of a 120mm cannon."

Imperial duties

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