Edwina Merinda Haggard (b. August 16, 1965) is a Georgeland politician, the only Independent member of the Georgeland House of Commons. She was elected to the House in 2005 after serving as an independent in the state legislature from 1998-2005. Haggard represents the seat of Schumann.


Edwina Haggard, MP

Haggard was born in Romphumburg in 1965, the daughter of two lawyers. Haggard initially wanted to be a lawyer as well, but instead studied nursing and became a registered nurse. In 1998 she stood for election to the state legislature in protest over hospital closures and was elected. She ran successfully for the House of Commons in 2005 on a strong local issues platform. Haggard is an advocate of proportional representation and is a strong community and family activist.
Haggard is generally considered to be a centrist - she has some views in common with both major parties. She is a feminist and abortion activist, but is also opposed to the ban on nuclear power and voted against the creation of the National Education Service. Haggard has stated she is happy to work with either major party and is interested in thorough debate. She frequently allies herself with Michael Elderton as the only two MPs not part of a major party. When Christine Hinkle declared herself to be an Independent in April 2007, Haggard issued a statement welcoming Hinkle to the crossbenches and saying she looked forward to working with the former minister.
Haggard is unmarried but has lived with her partner since 1990.

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