Province of Effergor
Efergorro Profincis
and largest city
Official languages Olanga
Recognised regional languages Jaila, English, Jewish
Ethnic groups 64% Olanganian, 22% Jews, 8% Jaila, 6% English
Demonym Effergorian
• Province Count
Limeran Dalaijal
• Total
4.202 km2 (1.622 sq mi)
• 2010 census
Currency Nodol (Nd)
Calling code +551 12
Effergor is a province, located in Capital City Planning Region, south of CCD in the country of Ogola.


Effergor is densely populated. Terakal holds 2/3 of population by itself. Other people live in one of six other towns. Effergor is currently a big agricultural centre.


  • Terakal - Province capital
  • Galimdar - Second largest town by population
  • Ilglandartt - Residence of Province Count, third largest town by population
  • Fields of Almarine - Main agricultural area
  • Almarine - Fourth largest town by population, beach resort
  • Via Talong - Narrow train
  • Trilmaruine - Highest mountain of the province
  • Kalimtar - Airport town next to Terakal, sixth largest town
  • Elirinum - Fith largest town in province, in the area of the town is only wood still left in the province.

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