Taiwanese Resistance Headquarters, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Tenshi wakes up in a poorly-made bed inside of a tent. He then gets dressed up, noticing several bandages over his body, and walks out of the tent. He notices Kashi Koi talking to a short man.

- "Master." - says Tenshi.

- "Oh, you're up." - replies Kashi. - "You've been asleep for over two days."

- "Two days?" - says Tenshi. - "What about Fuzhou, and Jefe?"

- "Jefe is dead and Fuzhou is but a wasteland." - says Kashi. - "Fujian has surrendered to Gautama."

- "... Damn it, did Jefe and the others died for nothing?"

- "Well, we did draw some attention."

- "What do you mean?"

- "This is the head of the Taiwanese Resistance, Allen Lai." - says Kashi. - "They saved us at Fuzhou's ruins."

- "Have you eaten?" - says Allen, slightly bowing.

- "What the hell?" - replies Tenshi. - "Of course I haven't, I slept for like tw..."

- "It's a rhetorical question." says Kashi, interrupting Tenshi. - "A taiwanese greeting."

- "Oh..." - says Tenshi, apologizing. - "I'm sorry mr. Allen, thanks for saving us."

- "It's ok." - says Allen. - "Mr. Koi, now that your leader is awaken, may we be left alone?"

- "Of course." - says Kashi, walking away.

- "So, why did you saved us?" - asks Tenshi. - "I don't trust you guys at all."

- "... You know, mr. Keramat, candor is not very appreciated around here."

- "Sorry, but I'll be straight." replies Tenshi. - "I don't care about your stupid costumes, you've risked way too much just to rescue us and this is surely suspicion. You need us, but why?"

- "... 2 years ago, our nation was taken away from us by Gautama." - says Allen, ignoring Tenshi's manners. - Since then, we've been fighting. But in the last months, strong enemies keep coming."

- "And you want our help?" - asks Tenshi. "I heard that the Taiwanese Resistance was better than the average chinese rebels."

- "Yes, but after Taiwan's defeat, many law enforcers were sent here.

- "Law enforcers?" - asks Tenshi. - "Like cops or something?"

- "Yes, they are part of the reborn NPA." - answers Allen. - But they're all high-ranked warriors. "One of them, known as White Tiger, was responsible for the deaths of several of our stronger men."

- "White Tiger?"

- "Yes, he's the one who wiped out Taichung's division alone."

- "... Well, regardless of your intentions, you did saved us."

- "Does that mean you're gonna help us?"

- "Not for free of course." - says Tenshi. - "We will demand your help at some point as well."

- "If you can give Taichung back to us, you've got an alliance."

- "It's a deal then." - says Tenshi, shaking Allen's hand. - "Reunite your best strategists tomorrow, we'll need a good plan."

- "Yes." - says Allen as the two of them walk in the main building.

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