Taiwanese Resistance Headquarters, Hsinchu, Taiwan

In the next morning, shortly after the strategic reunion started, a warrior wearing a golden armor appeared, searching for the "white angel". All who glanced at his calm green eyes fell asleep immediately. After Tenshi was immobilized Kashi Koi confronted the intruder:

Kashi: "Lord Hypnos? I didn't think Gautama would go as far as sending a Sennin..."

Hypnos: "Gautama? We have personal businesses with the white angel."

Kashi: "We?"

Hypnos: "Me and my brother, of course."

Kashi: "Thanatos!?" - says Kashi. - "What does he want with Tenshi?"

Hypnos: "You got very insolent, Blue Angel" - replies Hypnos, preparing his blade.

???: "Blue Angel? I didn't knew you had such a title, old man."

Angelo slashes through the air as Hypnos dodges the attack, Hypnos stares at him with surprise on his eyes.

Hypnos: "It's one thing that a sage doesn't fall asleep at my sight, but how can you..." - Hypnos returns to his calm state. - "I see, it's the other one."

Angelo: "Heh, that's right." - says Angelo. - "Void Nova!."

A massive purple beam comes out of Angelo's hand, engulfing Hypnos into a dark light.

Kashi: "What in the world..."

Angelo: "That is a sennin? What a jo... gah!"

Hypnos quickly grabs Angelo's neck, strangling him. Kashi Koi attacks Hypnos' hand, forcing him to let go. Angelo falls unconscious immediately.

Hypnos: "Deep Drowsiness!"

Kashi: "I see, so even him couldn't stand a chance against a sennin."

Hypnos: "If you're gonna fight me, might as well use all of your power, blue angel."

Kashi: "Don't force my hand, Hypnos."

Hypnos: "Insolence again? You've been saved by your student, but now you have no backup. Last Repose!"

Kashi: "Blue Impulse!"

Hypnos grabs his knife and advances towards the sage, who releases a bright blue light. A great explosion knocks both of them back.

Hypnos: "So you really are the strongest of sages. Yet..."

A large mass of blood explodes out of Kashi Koi's body. The sage falls to the ground.

Hypnos: "... Now that you see how unfruitful your quest is, how about handing over the kid? If you do so, I can even let you live."

???: "You're way too mercyful, brother... although that might be useful this time."

A man with a similar appearance of Hypnos appears, his deep red eyes seemed to be made of fresh blood.

Kashi: "That's... so not fair."

Hypnos: "Brother..."

Thanatos: Plans have changed, Lord Hades has called for both of us.

Hypnos: "Lord Hades? At such time... Let me just finish these two."

Thanatos: "No, leave them for now."

Hypnos: "Why? We can finish them in a second."

Thanatos: "It seems the bosses have plans for both of them."

Hypnos: "... We will meet again, blue angel, try not to die too soon."

Both sennin vanish in a grim light. Kashi Koi passes out from bloodloss.

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