Village of Yeyin, Lán Yǔ Island, Taiwan

Tenshi Keramat wakes up inside of a small house, Kashi Koi lays by his side.

Tenshi Keramat: - "Master..."

Allen: "He won't wake up so easily... He's been in a sleep way deeper than ours'."

Tenshi: "... Where are we?"

Allen: "We're in a village called Yeyin, in the island of Lán Yǔ."

Tenshi: "What? Why are we here? What about Taiwan?"

Allen: "About that... I don't think we cannot save Taiwan anymore."

Tenshi:' "... What do you mean?"

Allen: "Taiwan has been turned into a wasteland, Gautama didn't spared a single village."

Tenshi: "... How long have we slept?"

Allen: "I don't know. The villagers said they rescued us about five days ago, but no one knows when Hypnos attacked."

Tenshi: "Hypnos... It still feels like I'm dreaming. Master knew a lot about him though, so we better wake him up."

Allen: "We've been trying, but it seems that the god of sleep can even seal a sage's consciousness."

Tenshi: "Seal? So that's why I've been feeling like this... I think Angelo was put in a sort of coma, I can't even feel his presence."

Allen: "Angelo? You mean your awakening, right?"

Tenshi: "Yes. I must find a way to awake master and Angelo before we face real danger."

Allen: "About that... There is a way of breaking the spell, but its kind of inconvenient."

Tenshi: "What is it?"

???: "You must kill Hypnos..."

In this moment, an anthropomorphic fox appears in the middle of the room.

Robin: "Hello, my name is Robin Goodfellow, and I know a thing or two about the twin gods."

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