Village of Yeyin, Lán Yǔ Island, Taiwan

Tenshi Keramat stares at Robin Goodfellow, he looked exactly like a red fox, but standing in two legs.

Tenshi: "... What the hell are you?"

Robin: I'm a kitsune, and the leader of this village."

Allen: "Which means you were the one who saved us."

Robin: "Precisely."

Tenshi: "And why exactly did you do so?"

Robin: "A reason? Maybe I took pity on you guys, maybe I thought you didn't deserved to die so soon. Although, maybe not."

Tenshi: "... Whatever, what do you know about the twin gods?"

Robin: "What I know? Many things."

Tenshi: "Like what?"

Robin "Well, did you know they aren't just brothers, but lovers as well?"

Allen: "Thanatos loves someone?"

Tenshi: "... I don't even..."

Robin: "I suppose, the only thing I don't know is who's the to..."

Tenshi: "Shut up! Leave the girl's talk to after my master's mind is freed."

Robin: "You know, you don't have to yell."

Tenshi: "... Please explain how to break the spell before I listen to the third voice in my head and rip your heart off."

Robin: "Fine, you don't have to get all gory. Listen carefully, there are basically two ways to break any influence-based spells, the first one is to have the caster do it for you, which in the case would be very hard..."

Robin Goodfellow looks directly at Tenshi, smirking.

Robin: "... but then again, so is the second way."

Tenshi: "Which would be to end the caster's life."

Robin: "Precisely."

Tenshi: "... Stop that."

Robin: "What?"

Tenshi: "Nevermind that, so I'll have to either kill him or beg him to undo the seal."

Robin: "Well, technically, throwing him out of the planet could also work, maybe."

Tenshi: "... So I have to kill a sennin now. Angelo couldn't even scratch his clothes and I'm supposed to kill him?"

Allen: "Even the clothes were unharmed? Sounds like a shield to me. I suppose we could use some spell to mess with his defensive skills, but these are quite rare... Mr. Robin, do you know any?"

Robin: "Well, there's always the wodan circle."

Tenshi Keramat looks at Robin Goodfellow surprised.

Tenshi: "The wodan circle?

Allen: "You know it?"

Tenshi: "Y-yes, my master once told me, that thousands of years ago, the Wodan clan developed a spell so powerful that could seal even the powers of a god."

Allen: "Really? That's great, so we just need to..."

Tenshi: "However..."

Allen: "Hm?"

Tenshi: "... It can only be cast by a Wodan."

Robin: "Precisely."

Allen: "But, most of the Wodans nowadays are Gautama."

Tenshi: "Don't worry, that's not our worse problem right now."

Tenshi looks straight at Robin Goodfellow's eyes.

Robin: "..."

Allen: "Why not?"

Tenshi: "Think Allen, isn't it weird that a village this close to Taiwan wasn't even inspected by Gautama? Also, this guy knows a lot about techniques that haven't been even mentioned by rebels in hundreds of years."

Allen: "Maybe he heard it like you did."

Tenshi: "Which is exactly my point, who did he heard it from? I would say either a sage or a sennin. And how many rebel gods do you know, Allen?"

Allen: "He... no! They're all Gautama. And this guy might even be a sage himself."

Tenshi: "Yes, and there's a good chance he's also a Wodan."

Robin: "... Precisely."

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