Mount Lu, Jiangxi

Near the sunrise, Tenshi Keramat and his teacher, Kashi Koi, stare at the Lake Lulin:

- "It's been a year." - exclames Tenshi.

- "Yes, and you've improved a lot. Your power equals to a sage's, but it stills immature, you should wait until you're fully grown." - says Kashi Koi.

- "No, only during my training, Gautama performed three purges. They must be stopped!"

- "And just how do you plan on doing it? Even if your power can challenge that of a sage, you lack experience."

- "I know that, but I must do something about tomorrow."

- "Jiujiang's purge..."

- "500,000 people will be killed if we don't do anything, plus it's my chance!"

- "Chance?"

- "To call Gautama's attention!"

- "It's unwise to tease Gautama, Tenshi."

- "If I can kill a sage, the people who hate Gautama will unite me."

- "If? And what about all the knights and paladins?"

- "It' all settled, the Lushan Resistance will distract them."

- "You're really gonna sacrifice those people?"

- "Master, I will destroy Gautama at all costs! And all people in the resistance are ready to die. Of course, if you helped us..."

- "You know I won't help you to kill the gods, the only reason I trained you is because your father asked me to!"

- "... It doesn't really matter. I prefer to do it by myself anyway."

The sun starts to rise:

- "The sun..." - says Kashi Koi.

- "It's time!" - replies Tenshi.

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