Jiujiang, Jiangxi

Ignis Natus runs to the place where two gigantic chi's collided. Finding his fallen lover without an arm, bleeding to death.

- "Quin!" - he says. - "What happened?"

- "Ignis, I couldn't stop him."

- "Stop who?"

- "Tenshi... Keramat, a r-rebel. He's after Lord Mephisto."

- "A rebel did this to you? How?"

- "He's s-stronger than a p-paladin... Say to L-Lord Mephisto... that I'm sorry."

As the light faded away from Quinlan Bellamy's eyes, his last words were spoken.

- "I love you, Ignis" - says Quinlan, closing his eyes forever.

- "Wait, Quin!" - screams Ignis, with tears in his eyes - "Tenshi Keramat... I will, kill you!"

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