Lushan Resistance's Oupost - Jiujiang, Jiangxi

With Gautama's troops arriving at the city, commander Tenshi Keramat gives the resistance the last orders prior the start of the battle.

- "Okay men, Gautama's forces shall arrive in the next minutes, so get those cannons ready." - says Tenshi Keramat to the cannoneers.

- "We'll be at our posts as well, sir." - exclames the chief of cavalry.

- "Okay, so I'll be leading the aerial team. Revelation • Ange Pur: Cherubim!"

using his revelation, Tenshi grows two angelic wings and commands the small troop of winged fighters to their post. Both sides' cavalries start to battle.

- "Shouldn't we help?" - asks a member of the aerial team.

- "Not yet." - replies Tenshi Keramat.

A lightning bolt emerges from one of the knights' sword, decimating a part of the Lushan cavalry.

- "Now?"

- "Now!"

The aerial team arrives, equilibrating the sides. Tenshi Keramat engages the lightning knight.

- "Aren't you a little too powerful for a knight?" - he asks.

- "A rebel using revelation? Now that's rare." - says the knight, launching another bolt at Tenshi.

- "What's your name?" - asks Tenshi, deflecting the attack.

- "It's Quinlan Bellamy. What about you?"

- "I am Tenshi Keramat. Are you related to Qiao Bellamy?"

- "You know my grandfather?"

- "Yes, my master killed him."

- "You're Kashi Koi's apprentice? Explains a lot. Well, I was never the kind to take revenge, but I guess we'll be deciding this here and now."

- "I guess so."

Quinlan furiously attacks Tenshi, ripping off both of his wings. Tenshi quickly strikes him back, leaving a deep cut on his chest. Quinlan Bellamy releases his own revelation.

- "Revelation • Narugong: Narukami!"

Tenshi and Quinlan keep clashing at equal level.

- "You can't win!" - exclames Tenshi.

- "Do you really think I'm gonna be defeated by rebel scum like you?" - replies Quinlan.

- "Such a low level insulting us all? Fine then, I'll teach you a lesson."

- "SHUT UP! Thunder Arc: Thundergod Strike!"

- "Revelation • Ange Pur: Archangel!"

An enormous lightning blast hits Tenshi, destroying the surrounding land.

- "What now scum?" - says Quinlan, laughing.

- "Now? Now you surrender." - replies Tenshi, who acquired the form of an armored four-winged angel.

- "I-Impossible! You should have been vaporized!"

- "As I said, you cannot win." - Exclames Tenshi, chopping off Quinlan's left arm with one of his feathers. - "Steel Cutter!"

- "ARGH! What the hell?"

- "Surrender now Bellamy!"

- "You... Huh?"

A gigantic amount of energy arrives at the city.

- "... The sage!" - exclames Tenshi.

- "Lord Mephisto?" - says Quinlan.

- "Mephisto?"

- "In other words, you are all doomed!"

- "Well, we'll see about that."

Tenshi attempts to fly to the sage, but is stopped as Quinlan grabs his leg.

- "Where do you think you're going? This Isn't over!"

- "You should stop the bleeding instead of keep fighting."

- "Are you stupid? If I let you get to Lord Mephisto, my honor will be gone, I'd rather die!"

- "As you wish. Plume Tornado!"

Several of Tenshi's steel-cutting feathers take the form of a tornado, hitting Quinlan, whom revelation is instantly deactivated as he falls over the ruins of the city. Tenshi flies in the direction of Mephisto's terrifying chi.

- "I-Ignis." - says Quinlan right before hitting the ground.

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