Jiujiang, Jiangxi

After defeating Quinlan Bellamy, Tenshi Keramat (on his archangel form) reaches the source of the terrifying chi, the sage of darkness Mephisto Villes.

- "So, you're Mephisto." - says Tenshi.

- "And you are..." - replies Mephisto.

- "I am the one who will kill you, my name is Tenshi Keramat."

- "Kill me? Did you ever even heard of me boy? I am the sage of death!"

- "Sage of death? Your heart aren't nearly as dark as his'."

- "His'?"

- "Geez, enough of this small talk ok? That Quinlan guy annnoyed me enough."

- "Quinlan? So that was his chi after all. Are you the one who defeated him?"

- "Yeah. He seemed to respect you a lot too."

- "I see. I won't underestimate you then. Revelation • Reaper: Grim Reaper!"

- "Ugh, now that's a disturbing chi. Revelation • Ange Pur: Seraphim!"

Mephisto, on the form of a winged hooded skeleton, and Tenshi, on the form of a six-winged armored angel, start to fight.

- "Darkness Drive!"

A dark aura covers Mephisto as he furiously attacks Tenshi with his scythe.

- "Dammit!" - exclames Tenshi, dodging Mephisto's moves.

- "If that is all you've got, you should try and fly away, boy."

- "Heh, you forced me to this huh? Seems like I've underestimated you, sage."

- "What are you..."

- "Revelation • Ange Pur: Ophanim!" - (I only have a few moments) - thinks Tenshi.

- "D-Dammit! Revelat..."

- "Holy Flap!"

Eight gigantic flashes of light come out of Tenshi's wings, knocking Mephisto out of his revelation and terribly injuring his body. Tenshi's revelation fades away as he is knocked unconscious and both fall into the battlefield.

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