Lushan Resistance Headquarters, Mount Lu, Jiangxi

Tenshi feels a touch on his forehead as he wakes up.

- "Good morning sunshine." - exclames Kashi Koi.

- "Oh bite me. What the hell happened?" - replies Tenshi.

- "We failed, that's what happened." - says a badly injured member of the aerial team.

- "The sage, Mephisto, I knocked him down."

- "Yeah, but it doesn't matter anymore."

- "What do you mean?"

- "It seems like Gautama have a new toy." - "What the fuck is that?" - asks Tenshi, looking at the gigantic floating figure.

- "The 'Glory of Ares', Gautama's new military airship." - says Kashi Koi.

- "What? When did it arrived?"

- "Right after you and Mephisto fell, the Jiangxi Military joined us. With their help, we could've won. But when we were trying to recover you, the ship just came out of the mountains and started firing at us."

- "... Mephisto?"

- "He's in the ship."

- "Then I'll go there."

As Tenshi tries to leave the cave, Kashi Koi stops him.

- "Even if you could reach the ship in your state, it's already too late." - he says.

- "What do you mean?" - asks Tenshi.

- "The city is doomed, we did the best we could to evacuate it but..." - says a Jiangxi soldier.

- "It's starting!" - exclames Kashi Koi.

A giant opening appears at the bottom of the ship, glowing in a blue light.

- "What is that master?" - asks Tenshi.

- "The 'Chi Cannon', Gautama's newest superweapon. Made to mimic a sage's purging wave. Look."

A glowing blue ray comes out of the cannon and strikes the remains of Jiujiang, reducing the city to a lifeless wasteland.

- "Who the hell..."

- "Mephisto called the ship."

- "Mephisto. I swear I will destroy him and that ship."

- "Eh? You're late, all of us already swore that." - says the commander of the Jiangxi Military. - "We want to join your resistance, 'White Angel'."

- "White Angel? I did kicked that sage's ass. But what about Jiangxi?"

- "There's no longer Jiangxi, not without Jiujiang."

- "I see. So where is Mephisto going?"

- "Fuzhou, for a diplomatic trip, I heard."

- "Diplomatic? - says Tenshi. - Well, I'm gonna diplomatically kick his ass, we're leaving in a week."

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