'Glory of Ares' Military Vessel (over Fuzhou, Fujian)

After defeating Ignis Natus, Tenshi arrives at the final corridor to Mephisto's chamber, finding Jefe wrestling an armored 2m tall man while a smaller one watched.

- "Jefe!" - calls Tenshi, bashing the giant man away. - "Are you okay?"

- "Another one?" - says the giant man.

- "Do you still wanna fight alone, Theodor?" - asks the other man. - "He seems strong."

- "Shut up Tenma, you think I can't handle two rebel insects? ... by the way, wasn't Ignis guarding the passage?" - says Theodor. - "How did a second intruder got this far?"

- "Ignis? You mean the red-haired guy, right?" - says Tenshi. - "What's your relation with him?"

- "We are his teachers" - says Tenma. - "I felt a havoc in his chi. Did you defeated him?"

- "Yeah, that's right!" - exclames Tenshi. - "Also, I'm here for Mephisto's head."

- "You bastard, you killed Ignis!?" - screams Theodor, attacking Tenshi. - "Bear Claw!"

- "Bind!" - says Tenma, stopping Theodor with a mental skill. - "Calm down, Theodor!"

- "But..." - says Theodor.

- "Ignis is not dead!" - replies Tenma. - "Not yet at least."

- "What? How do you know?" - asks Theodor.

- "I can still feel his chi, although it's not exactly the same Ignis."

- "Azul, now that you said, it does feel like 'him'."

- "Yes."

- "Stills, why to stop my attack?"

- "You need to improve your chi, Theodor." - says Tenma. - "A paladin like you should be able to tell a 'demigod' from simple warriors."

- "Demigod? This trash?”

- "Okay, this is enough time wasted." - says Tenshi. "Jefe, take the big guy, I'll kill the fancy one."

- "Alright!" - says Jefe.

- "That won't be necessary, 'white angel'." - says Tenma. - "Took me a while to realize it, but it must be you, so go ahead. Lord Mephisto awaits for you."

- "W-What?" - asks Tenshi.

- "He asked me to let you enter the chamber if you managed to get this far." - replies Tenma. - "He wants to kill you personally."

- "What about the other one?" - asks Theodor. - "Can I kill him?"

- "You 'should' kill him." - answers Tenma. - "I'll go get Ignis. You can do it alone right?"

- "Hell yeah!"

- "Jefe?" - asks Tenshi.

- "Go ahead!" - says Jefe. - I wanna play with this guy by myself.

Tenma Kazegami jumps into the elevator shaft while Tenshi Keramat runs towards the chamber.

- "A little more serious this time?" - asks Jefe. - "Revelation • Jaguar: Tepeyollotl!"

- "You bet!" - answers Theodor. - "Revelation • La Bestia: Ursa Major!"

As Jefe Ramírez and Theodor de Ursa resume their match, Tenshi arrives at the door of Mephisto's chamber.

- "Mephisto..." - says Tenshi, entering the chamber. - "I won't fail this time."

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