Nightsky over Fuzhou, Fujian

While falling, Tenshi thinks:

– "Is this the end?" – he asks to himself. – "I can't move my body."

– "Are you giving up?" – says a childish voice. – "Weren't you the one wanting revenge?"

– "Give me a break Angelo, I just killed a sage."

– "If it wasn't for that ring you would have been easily defeated." – says Angelo. – "And now even that toy has been lost."

– "What's your point?"

– "My point is that you need me Tenshi. If you don't release me, we'll both die here and now."

– "I've learned not to trust your power, Angelo."

- "You know, although my release may end on the death of those you dear." – says Angelo, smirking. – "You said that you would get your revenge at 'all costs'."

– "But..."

– "You can't avenge them if you die Tenshi."

– "... Damn it..." – says Tenshi. – "Awakening: Ange Macabre!"

Tenshi's mind blacks out as Angelo assumes the control. His eyes turn red, his hair grows and darkens and two black wings appear on his back as he flies back into the ship.

– "Finally." – says Angelo. – "The air is so pure out of that cage."

Many knights start firing at Angelo, who points a finger at them:

– "Now, how should I call it? Maybe…" – he says, as one of them jumps at him. – "Void Nova!"

A black and purple-colored beam comes out of his finger, annihilating all of the knights and opening a second hole in the fortress, which starts to fall.

– "What the…" – says Angelo, noticing the loss of altitude. – "Heh, maybe I exaggerated a little. Ok, time to go."

As Angelo flies upwards, a massive blue fireball pursues him.

– "What the fuck is that now?" – says Angelo, dodging the fireball, which pursues him.

– "YOUR PUNISHMENT!" – yells the fireball.

– "Oh." –says Angelo. – "So you survived huh?"

Angelo suddenly stops in midair, pointing a hand at the fireball.

– "Void Nova!" – he says, as the fireball disappears in the beam.

A dark blue-haired figure with wings of blue fire floats where the fireball was.

– "You're not that worthless one Tenshi fought." – says Angelo. – "Who are you?"

– "A name? Well, they call me Azul, the Phoenix." – says him. – "But what about you? You're not the 'White Angel'."

– "White Angel?" – says Angelo, starting to laugh. – "I'm the 'Dark Angel'."

– "It seems we have something in common, Dark Angel."

– "Indeed." – replies Angelo. – "Your will to kill matches mine."

– "Then let's get this over with. After all, this place will soon be full of annoying troops."

– "Heh! Madness Drive!"

– "Blazing Aura!"

Both the Dark Angel and the Phoenix clash their blades.

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