The Right Honourable of Paangoon
MHRC Eitsirc Tiekspi
IC Guard
IC Guard
Service 2313 - present
Predecessor None
Full name Eitsirc Atherana Shiavra Ithrandia Tiekspi
House House of Tiekspi
Father Hetatron Tiekspi
Mother Elrytea Saburev
Religion Viborgism

Eitsirc Atherana Shiavra Ithrandia Tiekspi, MHRC Eitsirc Tiekspi, is a housecarl of the Overlord of Cerberussy, former member of the Imperial Cerberussian Guard. Additionally, she is overlord's cousin.


Born in a VTOL airship halfway between Archung and Ardher, Eitsirc is the fifty-eighth in line to the Ardheran amaarate. Eitsirc's parents took the wrong side in the second attempt to overthrow Amaar Urthemir Tiekspi and were executed by the amaar. As they were only children at the time and still family to the amaar, Eitsirc and her brother Endwic were spared and sent to be raised by their family's private doctor Horog, a Vilkyat scientist. Eitsirc resented her family for keeping her in a gilded cage and became estranged to Ardher much later on.

Though of noble birth, Eitsirc Tiekspi turned her back on a life of wealth and privilege to join the Enforcers of Justice after the murder of her brother. According to her biography by the rimskinite journalist Varrus Bolpato, she was trained as an enforcer since she was six. The ancient order serves as a watchful eye over corruption.