Eldamusik (Westlandic: Mгөaшлиıк) is a popular folk music genre originating in Westland. It revolves around modern revival of traditional Anglo-Saxon music into a popular music form taking influence from Folk genres, hence the name 'Eldamusik' which translates as 'Elder Music.' The genre features traditional Anglo-Saxon Sagas, Pagan traditions and traditional Westlandic instruments including the Lute, the Drums and the Bag-pipes. It is almost entirely sung in Westlandic, however since the 2000's, a new electronic incarnation of the genre has developed. It has been, and is comparable to both the country genre in the United States, the globe-spanning Ethno-pop phenomena and the witch-house genre. Notable artists include soloist Klӧi Ekkelbӧ and electronic occult themed group SALEM.

The genre rose to notoriety during the 1950's, during a period known as the "Saxon Revival" in which traditional Anglo-Saxon cultural aesthetics were revisited and nostalgia regarding the ancient history of Westland became popular.

Form and Definition

Production and Artistry