The electricity sector in Euskadi has played a significant role in the economic ride of the basque industry. It currently relies on Integrated Coal Zero-Emission Plants and renewable energies as wind fars and hydropower. In 2010 the consumption of electricity in Euskadi was 17,189 kWh per inhabitant. The european average was 7 409 kWh/person and the difference is due to the high consump of the metallurgy industry.

Euskadi is the world largest producer of energy from IGCC and renewable sources are about 30% of the total electricity production.

Euskadi has an open electric market, integrated with the other european countries. Export and import is routine over the direct power links to France, Spain and other African and Caribean nations.


Of the total production in 2010 of 210.98 TWh, the total comsumption was 207.90 TWh with 3.08 TWh for export.

Source Nameplate capacity (GW) Production (TWh) % Of the total production
IGCC Plants 14.00 97.30 46.11%
Hydroelectric 8.10 41.11 19.48%
Win farms 6.40 23.12 10.95%
Other renewable 1.90 8.24 3.91%
Natural Gas Combined Cycle 6.00 29.82 14.13%
Conventional coal plants 7.80 11.39 5.42%
TOTAL: 44.20 210.98 100


EuskoRE is a state owned enterprise responsible for owing, operating and constructing the power grid in Euskadi. The company has its headquarters in Bilbao. The stem net typically has 300 to 420 kilovolts (kV) and is used to transport electricity large distances. Municipal or local nets have different voltages.

There are a number of international power cables from Euskadi to abroad specially in the island territories of the caribean region.


Grid Operators

  • EuskoRE

National Companies

Local Companies

Due to the huge number of small hydroelectric plants, there are many local companies both municipal and private. These local companies are also responsible for the operation of local grids and sometimes also distribute other types of services such as district heating, water, natural gas or telecommunications. Some of the most important are:

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