Electros is the name given by many of the inhabitants of the Dendrius galaxy to the hot area in its centre. According to scientists research, the temperature of Electros is believed to be approximately 65 million degrees. Despite this, it is believed by some to be the home of the Time Paladins.

Key Facts

  • Electros is the hottest place in the Dendrius galaxy.
  • It is the most densely packed area (of stars) in the galaxy.
  • No life form from the Outer galaxy has ever been in or even near it due to its colossal heat.
  • Just three years ago, a Curodian scientist came up with 'definitive proof' that no life form could exist within it. In response to this, several other leading scientists studied it intently and produced their own proofs that explained the situation inside Electros. Although the possibility of life was mentioned, very little evidence was provided that suggests that such a dangerous environment could harbour life. However, one report did suggest that a creature with a physiology perfectly adapted to surviving there may be able too. These creatures were named 'Magma Spirits'.
  • The inside of Electros is said to contain a number of Spacial Distortions, where a number of Spacial Implosions have caused space to collapse in on itself. This means that more amount of space can be fitted into a certain area, explaining the possibility of the monumental size of the Time Paladin Empire.

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