Elves are one of the many Human Races.

General Information

bipedal humanoid




often polylingual

Average Lifespan

much longer than normal

Physical Information
Average Height

pronounced gender differences, i.e. males taller (> 200 cm) and females smaller (< 150 cm) than humans

Average Weight

rather slender and weak looking

Skin Colors

usually pale to light pink

Hair Colors

mostly blonde

Eye Colors

all colors possible, some UV vision

Abilities Information
Special Attributes


Societal Information

Light Elves (normal), Dark Elves, Half Elves

Common Alignments


Male elves are usually very tall whereas female elves are often rather tiny. Members of both genders have pronounced ears and limbs.

Elves do not have facial or body hair and many males are bald from childhood, whereas females may have extremely long and strong scalp hair.

Most elves are rather intelligent and skillful. Their teeth (especially corner ones) are flatter than those of humans and almost all elves are vegetarians, though rarely vegans.

Young elves age and mature slower than humans, some leaving puberty no earlier than 25, but elves can live quite long, more than half of women celebrate their 100th birthday.

Light Elves

Albinism is very common among elves, more than 10% being affected, but there it is not obviously determined by their parent. Albino elves are sometimes called light elves or day elves. They have red eyes and bright blonde, almost white hair (if any).

Dark Elves

The offspring of elves and werewolves are called dark elves or night elves. They look almost like elves with dark skin, but men are even taller and women smaller, they have human teeth and a werewolf tail.

Mixed-breed elven offspring
Other parent Children
Human half-elf
Werewolf dark elf
Dwarf, Gnome etc. angel

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