Elijah Morgan
Elijah Morgan
Elijah Morgan in 2013
1st President of Usonia
Assumed office
18 November 2004
Vice President Evelyn Wooldridge
Personal details
BornElijah Samson Morgan
9 September 1976 (1976-09-09) (age 41)
Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Political partyIndependent
Spouse(s)Patricia Augustine
ChildrenAlexander Morgan (b.2003)
Alma materHarvard Law School
Elijah Samson Morgan (born 9 September 1976) is the first and current President of Federalist States of Usonia. He is responsible for established Usonia in 2005 following the United States' loss of half of its territory in 2003 when the Union of Everett was established by political activist, Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer. An totalilitarian and self-proclaimed national socialist, Morgan has done all in his power to enforce his brand of law and order throughout the nation of Usonia, establishing what many consider to be the largest police state in the world.

Best known for his aggression during speeches and interviews, and his rabit hatred of Everett, Morgan has on numerous occasions been known to threaten politicians and rivals, and has come short of declaring war on nations that talk down to him and his government. He actively opposed gay marriage and abortion in Usonia, crushed radical liberalism within his government, and personally oversaw the rooting out of "unhealthy opposition groups", namely conservative extremists, feminists, and pro-immigration groups. His "Usonia-first" policy has garnered him great popularity with the country, though he is publically slandered by members of the Free Patriots Militia, a rebel group based in Usonia seeking to remove Morgan from power.

Early life and career

Formation of Usonia


Foreign policy

Family and personal life

Religious views

Core beliefs

Extremely opinionated and outspoken, Morgan is famous for speaking his mind regardless of the feelings of others, and has on numerous times used terms that in neighboring countries, such as the Union of Everett, would easily and immediately be classified as hate speech. He's political stance has been difficult to determine, though he did state during an interview in 2011 that he felt himself a national socialist. Despite this, his actions radically cross from left wing to right wing, and at times so far into one side that it trumps political analysts as to his true political ideology. So far a number of research groups have been able to pin him down as a third position politician; a politician with political leanings that reject left and right wing politics, while still following many of their ideals.

Belief Answer Reason Why
Gay Marriage No "I'll let you know right now, I don't allow religion to conquer all aspects of my life. However, regardless of what those morons on the other side of the Mississippi say, homosexuality isn't right, it isn't natural, and it certainly isn't something your born with. You can choose not to steal, you can chose not to lie, so you can chose not to be gay. We've allowed ourselves to become to desensitized, and allowed idiots to tell us what's right and what's wrong simply because they want to do the wrong thing without any moral reprecussions. It's disgusting."
Abortion No "Let me put it to you like this. Its a very sad day when someone tries to equate murder to women's rights. My wife told me that she would never support abortion under any circumstances. I asked her why and she told me that she hasn't spoken to a single women that's had it, and been happy after that. It doesn't help women, it scars them mentally, that image that you killed your growing child, that maternal feeling. Its damaging and unneccessary. I won't support even if your raped or if its your brother/uncle/father's child. At all."
Death Penalty Yes "When a man kills another man, or woman kills another woman, that life has to be repaid. You know it was wrong but you did it anywhere. You can't bring that life back and you can't give a life in return. Thus, you have to pay for that life with your own. Its fair, its just, and its required."
Torture Methods Yes "I've never known a form of torture that hasn't worked, nor have I found a nation that doesn't use it. Even 'high and mighty' Everett uses it, because it works."
Nuclear Weapons Yes

"When that freak on the opposite side of the river decides to stand down, then Usonia will do the same. Right now, I rather like the idea of killing millions with the push of a button. Its neat and its easy. War is not."

Equal Rights Partial "Don't get me wrong. I'm all for equality and all that shit, but in my opninion, and yes it is just my opinion, I don't really much care for it nor do I see the need to enforce it. For all of those at home who want to compare gay rights to those of black rights, consider this. African Americans were shot at, hung in the streets, raped as a people of their land, history, culture, and indentity, treated as subhumans based on the color of our skin, and enslaved by another group of men for nearly half a thousand years. Now when gays go through the same level of suffering as my people have, then I'll fancy the idea of letting the fags poke each other in the ass."
Innocent Until Proven Guilty No "Absolutely not. I don't care if you were in your home or in the hospital the whole time the crime took place. If your in jail for the crime, then we've probably got enough reason to put you in there; regardless of the reason why."
Legal Suicide No "Unless you have a life to give in return, then its no one's right to take that life away. I don't care if your dying of cancer, old age, or a hangnail, you lay on that table until you die."
Criminal Rights Partial "As a Christian, I adhere to fact that criminals were given a fair trial before a judge and jury in ancient Israel as outlined by God and his wise judgement. As a citizen of the 21st century, I adhere to the fact that many of these fools going to the bench were already proven guilty by the time their sentence is handed out. It all depends on the situtation of the defendant, and how damned they are before they get to court."
Foreign Interfernece No "Never in this nation's history has foreign interventionalism done any good for anybody anywhere in the world. We went to war in 1917 and the only we saw happen was a weak ass organzation fail time after time again. World War II rolled around and only saw our government grow a big head and start the whole damn process of intervening throughout the globe. Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan. Flop, flop, flop, flop, flop, and double flop. If this nation intervenes, it will either be here in the streets, or over in Everett. Period."
Self-Defense Rights Yes "I fended off a home invasion twice in my youth, and another another during my stay in Los Angeles. People are animals, and when given the chance, they'll return to their roots. Grab a bat, and go to town."
Freedom of Speech Partial "You have the right to say what you want until it's something I don't want to hear. Too much free speech, and you'll end up with a clusterfuck of protests in your streets. Too little free speech, and you'll have nothing but resentment which will end with protests in your streets. Find a balance, and keep it that way."
Freedom of Religion Partial "Belief is something that is used to unite a group of people under a single diety whom they believe will guide them, deliever them, and protect them. Humans were made to believe in a god, and that's the issue. When you exploit an in-born desire of a human being, then it becomes a problem. Look at what happened in Jonestown. Hundreds dead since a maniac found out that he couldn't maintain his grasp on his society. Look at atheism, the biggest lie being touted as the 'one true faith'. Same shit, different name."
Freedom of Choice No "People had the freedom to choose, and they chose poorly. Now we're [the government] choosing for them."
Self-Defense Right Yes "Protection within the limits of escaping immediate harm are the right of every man, woman, and child. Taking that right and trying to use it as an excuse to kill will not pass in this country. Not on my watch. Not on my watch at all."
Weapon Rights Yes. "I own a gun. My wife own a gun. We both like guns, and we're totally horny for them. Pick a gun and have your way with it. It's like sex, but with lead."
Right to Protest No "Don't clog my streets with your complaining and whining. If you have a problem with my administration, escort yourself to the nearest security center, and request an immediate execution. Problem solved."
Right to Privacy No "This is a police state. I am a dictator. If I want your information, then I'm going to get your information. Look at this country. We keep tabs on everybody. There is practically no crime because there is no way you can get away with it. We are 'Big Brother', and we see everything. Nothing escapes our sight."

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