Elisium is small planet located in the Low East Sector of the Dendrius galaxy. Currently, all three species in the Power Triangle are trying to capture it so that they can obtain the incredible resources that it holds.


According to Luranian scientists, Elisium is the 'most beautiful and most exciting place in the Dendrius galaxy'. It is known across the sector for its enchanting beauty. However, this is not the main reason that three species are doing so much to capture it; these species want the incredible resources it holds.

Supposedly there are enough valuable resources in the planet to 'power an entire planet's economy for decades. It is rich in valuable materials, such as diamond, gold and silver. Most importantly, however, is that it contains enough oil to power the military of any nation for years, giving any side that can obtain it a possibly decisive advantage in their three - way war.


Owing to its proximity to its sun, Elisium is too hot to support any life. There are, however, traces of microscopic creatures on the planets surface that may have been alive millions of years ago. This suggests that there has been a drastic change in Elisium's orbit over the past few million years.

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