Elliot Thornton
Vice President John Christchurch
Incumbent Yes
Personal details
Born February 10 1966
Political party Christian
Spouse(s) Julia Thornton
Children Emilia, Maria, Olivia, Sophia
Religion Roman Catholic
Elliot James Thornton (born 10 February 1966) is a Tirakan politician, and current president of Tiraka. He is the 11th president of Tiraka, and was preceded by Michael Preston. He is the leader of the Christian party.


Johnson is the middle child of landowner Michael Thornton (born 5 July 1934), and his wife Anna Thornton (9 October 1939 - 6 March 2013, previously Anna Home). They married on 23 December 1959.

He has an older sister, Samantha Mack (born 4 January 1961, previously Samantha Thornton, married to Henry Mack), and a younger brother, William Thornton (born 29 January 1969, married to Elizabeth Thornton).

He is married to Julia Thornton (10 March 1966, previously Julia Smith). They married on 6 May 1987, and together they have had 4 daughters, from 1988 to 1997, two of which are now married.

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