Ellsworth Regional Municipality City
471062038 87bb85df2f.png
Location of Ellsworth
Country Atlion
State FlagoNWellNew Welland
Seat Ellsworth City Hall
 - Type Mayor-council
 - Mayor Tia Wahne
 - City Council See below
Population (2011)
 - Total 3,009,212

Ellsworth is the largest city in the Atlion state of New Welland. Ellsworth has a population of 3 million people in the Ellsworth Regional Municipality City. Ellsworth is the economic center for New Welland and has an average income(per capita) of A$67'897.

Ellsworth is home to many world famous casinos like the Amrohav Htrav(Red Tomb).

Ellsworth is also home ot large Atlion companies such as Albionanicial, Atlion Airways, NAME, NAME, and NAME.

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