The Elves are one of the mythic races of the Land of Yore. Before the invasion of humans, the Elves were the most powerful race. They ruled a mighty empire stretching from Iceland to Germany and southern France. The Elven capital, Connemara, in Western Ireland, was the seat of the High Vizier for centuries until Raedor, the last Vizier, was slain by the invading humans.


The Elves of Yore were slightly taller than humans, and had a slender but powerful build. Men averaged around 6'5" and women around 6'1". The average life span for both men and women was around 160 years, with a few elves living past the age of 200. Elves matured slowly, celebrating their passage into adulthood at the age of 30. Most Elves had pale skin, and hair color was usually red, ranging from strawberry blonde to dark auburn. Male Elves typically wore their hair in long braids. Unmarried women would wear their hair flowing freely down their back, while married women would wear it in tight buns.


The Elves lived under a patriarchal social order, but were not as oppressive toward women as the Humans and Dwarves. Unmarried women were allowed to serve in the military, but fought in separate legions from the men. Married women were generally confined to the house during their childbearing years, but elderly women enjoyed high status as doctors and counselors. In the early days of the Elven Empire, prostitution was highly rare and forbidden by the laws, since Elves had a lower sex drive than Humans, and young women usually found other ways to make a living. Elves showed great respect toward the elderly, believing that wisdom increases with age.

The Elven Empire was divided into a series of Vassals, each ruled by a Vizier. The High Vizier held authority over all, from his seat at Connemara. Viziers were exclusively male, though women occasionally served on their councils.

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