Embassy of Sierra in Turkey
Diyarbakir embassies
Location 15 Kalem street
Democratic Republic of Turkey
Ambassador Jeffrey Pasqual

The Embassy of Sierra in Ankara is Sierra's diplomatic mission to the Democratic Republic of Turkey. Built in 1995 the embassy shares the same building with the Kazakhstan and Canadian embassies, and is the second Sierran embassy in Turkey.

The Embassy is located on Kalem street on the Şanlıurfa Boulevard in Diyarbakır, next to the embassies of Hungary and Angola. The current Sierran ambassador is Jeffrey Pasqual, who replaced Julia Davis in 2012.


Sierra previously shared the same embassy with Canada until 1995 where a large, new modernised building was constructed. This new building was declared to be home to both the Sierran, Canadian and Kazakh embassies.

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