Embassy of Sierra in the SRI
Embassy of Sierra in Lecrotia
Address Via XIX Ottobre, 57
SR of Italy
Ambassador Linda Trung
The Embassy of Sierra in Bologna is Sierra's diplomatic mission to the Socialist Republic of Italy. It is located in the downtown. Established in 1865, the Sierran Embassy moved to a modern building in 1994, with the old building being occupied by the Britannian embassy.

Located at 57, Via XIX Ottobre, the Sierran embassy is located between the Brazoria and South Vietnamese embassies, and across the street from the Great Korean embassy. The current Sierran Ambassador to Emilia is Linda Trung.


List of ambassadors

Current ambassador

Linda Trung

Linda Trung, the current ambassador to Bologna.

Sierra's 9th and current ambassador is Linda Trung, who assumed her responsibilities in February 2006. Prior to her current position, she served as Sierra's ambassador to France and as a diplomat in the Sierran mission to India. Trung is staffed with 11 diplomats and officials from the Sierran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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