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Emilia–Sierra relations
Flag of Emilia Flag of Sierra
Flags of Emilia and Sierra
Diplomatic Mission
Sierran Embassy in Bologna
Emilian Embassy in Los Angeles
Guglielmo E. Piazzanti
(Emilian ambassador to Los Angeles)
Linda Trung
(Sierran ambassador to Bologna)
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Emilian-Sierran relations refers to the relations between the People's Republic of Emilia and the Kingdom of Sierra. The two have enjoyed mutual uninterrupted diplomatic representation to each respective nation since 1925.

Country comparison

Flag of Emilia People's Republic of Emilia Flag of Sierra Kingdom of Sierra
Population 4,448,488 78,484,232 (16th)
Area (total area according to Encyclopædia Britannica) 22,452.78 km2 1,005,571 km2 (29th)
Capital Bologna Los Angeles
Largest City Bologna – 386,298 (2012 estimate) Los Angeles – 4,421,220 (14,843,753 Metro) (2014 estimate)
Government Semi-presidential republic Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
First Leader Gelindo Cervi Smith I
Current Leader Simonetta Saliera Angelina II
Official languages Italian English, Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese
Main religions 58.3% Catholicism, 2,1% other, 34.5% Irreligious 82% Christianity (63% Protestantism, 15% Catholicism, 3% Eastern Orthodox, 2% Other), 12% Unaffiliated (3% atheist/agnostic), 2% Buddhism, 0.4% Judaism, 0.3% Islam, 0.2% Hinduism
Ethnic and racial groups Italians (89%), Others (11%) 46.3% White Sierran, 20.1% Hispanic and Latino Sierrans (of any race), 26.8% Asian Sierran, 5.2% African Sierran, 1.4% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, 1.2% Native Sierran
GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) $217 billion (51st) $3.177 trillion (4th)
Gini (2014) 0.280 0.491
HDI (2014) 0.910 0.926 (very high) (3rd)
Currency Emilian Scudo (S.) Sierran dollar ($)
Expatriates and immigrants 1,008 Sierrans living in Emilia 1,212 Emilians living in Sierra
Military Troops 75,000 (active and reserve) 1,000,781 (active and reserve)
English Speakers 4,011,349 57,281,994 (Native: 77% of the total population)
(Mobile Phones)
4,151,929 73,731,485




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