Emilypolis is a city in Georgeland, the state capital of and largest city in the state of Scoita. The city is uniquely situated on an island in the middle of a large inland lake, Lake Emily, and is located almost exactly in the centre of the island. Emilypolis, despite being technically inland, has a strong maritime and fishing culture. It is also a heavily Roman Catholic city, and has a deep connection to Ireland in its culture and heritage. The city is named for Emily Montgomery, wife of the settler Charles Montgomery who established the first colony on the island in 1815.

City of Emilypolis
Co-ordinates  ???
Time Zone GMT +5
Mayor Margaret Cunningham
Population 2,876,345 (2002 census)
Urban Area 743 sq. km
Founded June 7, 1815
Incorporated March 8, 1870

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