Emma Jane Chiltern (b. May 25, 1982) is a Georgeland recording artist who became famous as the first person to win Georgeland Idol, winning the first series in 2002.


Chiltern won the program with her rendition of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, which was released as a single and reached #1 in Georgeland. Her first album, So Very Typical, failed to reach the top of the charts and recieved lukewarm reviews. Chiltern was touted as a 'flavour of the month', particularly when David Boozman won the second series of the show.
Chiltern moved to the United States and spent eight months in Los Angeles working on another album, produced by Nile Rodgers. This album, Bounce, was recieved rather better than her first on its release in early 2004 and put Chiltern back on the national radar.
Chiltern has at this stage began to branch into acting, with guest roles on various TV shows, including Springton General. She has also been a regular guest on Cryer Tonite and Here Isn't The News. A third album, entitled Alive Like Me, was released at Christmas 2006. Following the album's lacklustre reception, Chiltern turned to more acting roles. Her guest role on Springton General as nurse and gold-digger Victoria Hodges was reprised several times in 2007, to the extent that the character was made a semi-regular. For the 2008 series of the show, Chiltern was added to the ensemble cast.
Chiltern balances her role on Springton General with guest roles on other television programs, including Martin Hall. In mid-2008, Chiltern will star as Alexis Coffey in Coffey Girls, a made-for-TV dramatisation of the life of Alexis and June Coffey, popular and idiosynchratic 1920s entertainers.
Chiltern has been linked romantically with several well-known personalities. Her relationship with actor Liam Sims ended in a much-publicised incident in May 2005. She began dating actor/comedian Brian Duff in mid-2007 - the pair announced their engagement in April 2008. Chiltern also announced that she would release a fourth album in mid-2008, a collection of jazz and swing numbers.

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