The Emperor's Attendants (Itrani: Ireshnon ne-Tairazun) is an office of the Internal Court, consisting almost exclusively of females, who serve as the Emperor's personal servants, responsible for such diverse things as his room, bedding arrangements, and even his bathwater. While it is administratively not an important office, its proximity to the centre of Imperial power often gives it disproportionate weight in the political landscape.

These attendants are basically the equivalent of the Emperor's personal servants, and most often there are around 30 to 60 of them for any Emperor at one time; Lein Jungi, the tyrannical third ruler of the dynasty, had more than 400, many of them snatched from their families for their looks, and he often used them for sexual purposes. While this particular case is the most widely known and loathed, that other emperors also carry out such acts is also true.

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