The world of Empia is a fantasy world open to the public to create and enhance. The world has got on the most part a technological level of the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance Period. However, some races are more advanced than others, like the use of geothermal energy by the dwarven peoples. The world has a similar but undefined size to our own planet, and it is three quarters water. There are a few races on the world of Empia. These are humans, dwarves, high elves and  wood elves. There are no 'good' or 'evil' races, as everyone in each race is unique and has different moral codes. Magic does exist, but it is not fully understandable. There are no 'magic formulas' or special words. Magic comes from the hands or legs, and the method used to create it is different for each individual. Magic users are extremely rare and are often shone by many societies as demon worshipers and necromancers. There are numerous religions, believing in different gods and goddesses, but there are no gods in Empia in the same way as other fantasies. Instead of divine intervention or streams of good luck, they are not known to exist or not, and are simply believed in. 

If you decided to create or edit any content of the world of Empia, please do so in a fashion that follows the existing lore. Do not have perfect characters, but give them some flaws and some strengths. You can also invent countries in regions that have not be mentioned, like unknown continents. You can also add history or geography to 'gaps' in the lore of the world. You can add your own governments and so forth, but don't create perfect kings or a flawless government, but instead have political maneuvers. Do not be afraid to be creative. Also, you can have real characters affected by emotional, physical, physiological, sexual, race and other factors. And don't forget to have fun :) !

Etmology and Names

The name Empia comes from the Turani High Elven word, trempia, which roughly translates as cradle or nest. The Turani Elves saw Empia as the Cradle of Life. The words current form comes from the Avokashi scholars who misspelled the High Elven name for the world. The Avokashi themselves called Empia Pyas Ni Roas, which means the Heart of Flames, the name coming most likely from the general Avokashi obsession with fire. The wood elves called Empia Tytos, which origin is unknown due to the decline and near-extinction of their race. The dwarves called it Mor Fvarn, which simply means the Big Rock.

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