The Great Kingdom of Emeria

The Most Powerful and Great Kingdom of Emeria
Le Grande Domaines de la Emeri
Capital Emeri City
Largest city Sudenbourg
Official languages Emeri Tongue
Recognised national languages Emeri Tongue, Davorian, Naascan, Camelian
Ethnic groups Humans (93%), elves (4%), dwarves(2%)
Demonym Emerians
Government Absolute Monarchy
• King of Emeria
Pierre V
• Chief Minister
Jaques Fruller

The Most Powerful and Great Kingdom of Emeria, often shortended to the Kingdom of Emeria or simply Emeria, is 


Emeria is a land of many grasslands, especially in the centre. There are no mountains except in the south, where the Helscan Mountains reach into the country. These mountains are notorious for thier deadly high passes, which is why most trade routes avoid these mountains. The only city is Glenard, located in a rather low pass. The River Rougewash begins here, which is the largest river in Emeria. Emeria City, Redwick and Miregard are build on the Rougewash. The western coastline is lined with cliffs, with occasional rocky beaches. The city of Marbury is built in a deepwater harbour here, along with the city of Kirkham, which lies further inland. The city of Sudborough lies in the south, is Davarian Bay. It is sandwiched between the Bay and the Helscan Mountains, and lies 12 miles north of the Emerian-Davorian Border. The Border with Naasca is near the mouth of the Rougewash, and on the Naascan side there are many forts. 

Emeria has a nice, temperate climate in the north, where wheat and barley are mostly grown, along with cabbages. There are many confirous forests, but these decline heading south. Snow is common here in winter, and there can be heavy rains. The south is sun-baked and warm, and has better harvests than the north. In summer, there are droughts in the south. 


The distinctive plain landscape that covers most of Emeria was made during the Long Winter by glaciers. The first settlements were belonging to the elves, spreading south from thier northern homeland. Soon however, the westbound orcs arrived, establishing seven kingdoms. The first to be established, and later to be the largest kingdom, was Mui'Han. The kingdom, established in -2312 GL, got its name from its legendary twin kings, Mui and Han. The brothers used thier wits as well as thier swords, to spread thier kingdom. They built the city of Cah'ran'cor, and were buried in steel tombs. The second kingdom to be established was Kharydia, on the west coast, in -2037 GL. The Kharydians were legendary sailors, documented by Azhora the Sea Queen, who sailed from her capital Khar, north to Harad Lei and south to the hostile Molten lands.