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Empire of Japan
Dai Nippon Teikoku
Flag of Japan EOJ
Imperial Seal of Japan EOJ
Motto: 八紘一宇
"Hakkō ichiu"
("The World Under One Roof")
Anthem: 君が代
("May Your Reign Last Forever")
Locator Map of the Empire of Japan
Location of the Empire of Japan
and largest city
Official languages Japanese
Recognised regional languages Others
Government Single-party state.
• Meiji Restoration
January 3, 1868
• Annexation of the Asian Federation
June 16, 1973
967,035 km2 (373,374 sq mi)
• 2012 estimate
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
$ 7.021 Trillion
• Per capita
$ 25,898
HDI (2010) Green Arrow Up Darker .
Error: Invalid HDI value
Currency Japanese Yen ((¥) (JPY))
Date format YYYY-MM-DD
Drives on the left
Calling code +81
Internet TLD .jp

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