The primal source of energy in Daoine is whale oil, which is a refined oil harvested from the whales that is highly volatile. It is used to power most of the technology in Daoine. There are other, lesser used forms of energy, but whale oil dominates the industry.

Whale Oil

Whale oil is easily recognized by the faint blue glow it emits. It is extremely volatile and unstable; throwing or shooting a canister of whale oil will cause it to explode. Whale oil is not only used to power trolleys and light street lamps, but can also be used as a weapon due to it's combustibility. It has been speculated that the oil is naturally produced within the bodies whales due to the great pressures in the deep oceans, for the purpose of temperature regulation.


Not as popular as whale oil, coal began to be used during the Industrial Era of the Known World. It is the second most commonly used form of energy and is slightly cheaper than whale oil.


'V', also spelled 'Vei', is a powerful, yet unstable, source of energy. 'V' is a mystic energy that is commonly described as 'condensed vitality'. Only used in nine cities around the world: Ircana, Valhalla, Jamestown, Eden City, Gorias, Finias, Murias, Falias and the Avalon Isles.


Vei appears as a form of plasmic energy, described as a type of white lighting. It is distributed through wires that connect to power outlets, allowing one plant to power an entire city.

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