English Militia

On January 8, 1947, an English militia that had been preparing since the Nazis defeated Britain was fully prepared to begin attacking German forces in London. The militia had about 40,000 members, armed with British weapons. The militia was unaware of the German technology, however, and was foolish enough to ignite war with German troops

Battle for London

The battle for London began on January 13 when a group of a few hundred militiamen fired on a group of German soldiers patrolling the street. The Germans retaliated by firing back, but, seeing as there were only a small group of soldiers, they were killed. Before they were killed, they were able to alert the German command of the militia, and the Luftwaffe prepared to bomb London. On January 15, German troops took to the streets and began a new type of urban warfare no one had yet seen. Buildings were destroyed and streets were blown up. On January 18, when German soldiers began losing control of the situation when one of their commanders was killed by a sniper, the Luftwaffe bombed the section of the city that the fighting was taking place in, leaving only a few survivors on the side of the rebels.

London uprising

Destruction from the bombing of London

On January 20, all but a few rebels retreated from London. Those who stayed behind hid on rooftops with snipers and rocket launchers. On January 29, the final surviving rebel in London was killed. Many believe that the loss of the Battle for London was, as early as it was, the loss of the war for the rebels.

Other Battles

The rebels then attacked Newcastle and Manchester on February 15 after regrouping. They killed a total of 61 German soldiers in Manchester before the 900 of them that were there were killed by Feuerball troops on February 28. In Newcastle, the rebel base, however, thousands of rebels flooded the streets, completely liberating the city by March 3. Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe to bomb the city and any rebel base camps on March 11. On the 12th, German troops stormed the city and the Luftwaffe bombed it. By April 20, nearly all of the rebels had been killed, and they surrendered. Hitler instituted a military dictatorship in England on April 23.

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