Enoinn is a large continent in Keltia, in the far west of the region. It is very sparsely populated except for the eastern and southern tips, which maintain trade routes with Hanu and Ashsul, in Tonash. Although the continent is home to the country of Ghatini, this country makes up only a tiny part of the continent, with much of the land totally unexplored - any map references appear to be estimations from naval views.


The southern tip is grassland, where there are four towns. A large forest covers a vast expanse of the rest of the continent, and is believed to be home to many thousands of unusual creatures, a few of which have made their way into what can be called civilized Ghatini. In the far north there is a mountainous region - very similar to the location of the mountains on Sulangu, supporting the contraversial theory that Keltia was once a single supercontinent in the past. Around the mountains it is believed there is tundra, although it is difficult to verify, as no explorer has ever set food there and survived.


Enoinn's climate is mostly moderate or cold, but in Ghatini the temperature varies little between 5 and 20 degrees Celcius for most of the year. It recieves plenty of rain, carried down from trees and mountains in the north of the continent, and sunlight as well. Because of the wind currents Enoinn recieves a large number of powerful tropical storms from the south, and has a very changeable weather pattern, especially in the summer. Often, storms can be disruptive and can have a big impact on the work achieved there.

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