EA-21 Mamba
EA-21 Mamba
A group of grounded EA-21 Mambas
Role Multi-role combat aircraft
National origin Hurian Federation
Manufacturer Enyiazu Aeronautics
Designed by Enyiazu Design Bureau
First flight 22 Febuary 1999
Introduced 2 January 2001
Status Operational
Primary user Hurian Air Force
Number built 210 (As of December 2011)
130 ordered
Unit cost $90 Million
The Enyiazu EA-21 Mamba was the Hurian Federation's first stealth fighter, designed and produced by Enyiazu Aeronautics. Like many of the Hurian Air Force's modern fighters, the EA-21 has been outfitted with thermal energy and anthrax weapons. The Hurian military plans to purchase 130 more of the fighters, and get them into the air by 2015.


The Mamba is powered by a single super thermal energy cell, which provides the fighter with all of its energy needs. The EA-21 is capable of reaching supersonic speeds of up to Mach 4.5, and staying flight indefinately, only limited by the needs of the pilot. The Mamba is equipped with a single, dual-linked thermal repeater, which is powered by the energy cell built into the craft. This provides the weapon with limitless ammunition, though excessive usage will result in overheating of the engine, and catastrophic failure of the fighter's components.



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