Space stations

  • Earth-class space station: The Earth-class space station is EarthCom Fleet's principal command and control vessel; usually housing the majority of a particular fleet's leadership and command capabilities. One Earth-class has a crew of well over 10,000 with additional space for 3,000 passengers (usually reserved for refugees). The Earth-class has little self defense capabilities, thus, when not in the orbit of a core world and when moving, it must be escorted by at least three armed capital ships. The vessel also moves very slowly when not using a quantum gate. Only admirals and vice admirals have the authority of directly commanding an Earth-class.

Capital ships

  • Victory-class destroyer: The Victory-class is by far and large the cheapest and most used battleship in Fleet's arsenal. Available in Mk.1 and Mk.2 versions, the smaller and faster one and the larger and slower one respectively, a Victory-class is regularly used as the flagship for fleet group. The Mk.2 is also used for transportation, capable of transporting over 5,000 passengers (usually soldiers), of which 3,000 is crew. The Mk.1, being the faster of the two, used mostly for interception, is able to transport 2,000 passengers with 500 crew.
  • Inspiration-class battlecruiser: The Inspiration-class battlecruiser line is one of the more expensive capital ships in Fleet's possession. Currently available only in its Mk.1 form, the Inspiration-class is a completely dedicated battleship with little transportation and housing capabilities. Armed with large broadside batteries, the Inspiration-class is usually used as a defense mechanism for core worlds against invasion. The Inspiration-class has a crew of 1,000 with space for 500 extra passengers.
  • Trixton-class transporter: The Trixton-class is the most widely-used dedicated transportation vessels in Fleet. With a crew of only 200 and a transportation capacity of 1,000, the Trixton is used for quick deployment of marines and soldiers in hostile systems. Trixton-class transporters can by EarthCom regulation not travel alone in packs of less than 10 or without being escorted by at least one escort capital ship.


Cruisers form the backbone of Fleet's military capabilities. Usually much smaller than capital ships, cruisers are made for combat and offer little transportation utilities. Large amounts of cruisers are assigned to capital ships to form a fleet.

  • China-class frigate: The China-class frigate is an all-purpose combat cruiser found mainly escorting small convoys and acting as support for capital ships.
  • Paraguay-class destroyer: The Paraguay-class is a state of the art interceptor used by EarthCom military police divisions as well as private contractors.
  • United States-class destroyer: The United States-class is the largest of Fleet's cruiser models, leading many to consider it a "pocket capital ship". The United States-class, besides combat, is also capable of transporting 500 passengers.
  • Nigeria-class frigate: The Nigeria-class frigate is a common defense vessel for outer core worlds. It is also very common among private contractors for escorts. The Nigeria-class is becoming popular within the black market.

Small ships

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