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Well, it's hard to get much real history out of the Tavats. The time I was there, they wouldn't tell me anything but work to do. Help us build this building, Andy! Help us harvest this crop, Andy! Well, they didn't call me Andy. They called me Andah, but you get the point. They can't make the "ee" sound. Whatever. There was a few things I was able to catch onto, though.

Banishment of War

Yes, they banished war all throughout Tavat Land. This is probably why they are so peaceful, or were they always this way? I don't know. Anyway, this also banished nations somehow. Again, I don't know. They hate sharing their history. They hate sharing everything, really. Anyway, whenever a conflict arises, the Grand Council (I do not know what the Grand Council is, either) settles it judicially. How do they do this with their lack of organization?


Finally, a subject I can actually follow. There are 946 islands in the Equitorial Prime Islands. There are only 5 major ones, though. They are Beh (pronounced b as in back, then a as in can. No, not short a. It's a distinctively different sound. Eh is how I prefer to write it.), the largest of the islands, Kehfhah (Phonics. Don't you just hate it? There's that a as in can sound again, but there's something else also. The fh is pronounced like h, but with more force. It also just has a slight f sound at the beginning, like you're getting ready to cuss but decide not to.), Gaah (That aah, that is a short a. Halleluyah!), Chhehchhehnay (Ugh, phonic outlaw. The chh is pronounced like the fh from earlier, but instead of a slight f before it, it's a slight ch.), and Vaytvahn. Oh, phonics. I hate you.


Vaytvahn is the island I went to, so it's the one I actually know about. There are a few large cities here, but you can hardly call them cities. Tavat just doesn't do cities.

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