The Right Honourable
Erica Victor
Eric Victor
Victor in April 2014
Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Britannia
Prime Minister of the Britain
Assumed office
8th March 2010
Constituency Chesterfield
Preceded by John Wilbur
Succeeded by William Fawcett
Leader of the Labour Party
Assumed office
23rd June 2008
Preceded by Joseph Davis
Shadow Minister for Welfare
Assumed office
17th July 2007
Preceded by Peter Souter
Succeeded by Mark Hartly
Member of Parliament for Chesterfield
Assumed office
11th February 2000
Preceded by Tony Benn
Personal details
BornErica Hannah Victor
16th June 1969 (46)
Flag of Britain Hertfordshire, Britain
Political partySocialist Party Logo Labour Party of Britain
Spouse(s)David Holt

Erica Hannah Victor is a British politician who was the Prime Minister of Britain between 2011 and 2012. Victor is also the Leader of the Labour Party of Britain and member of parliament for Chesterfield.

Born in Hertfordshire, Victor came from a middle class family. At the age of 17 she joined the the Labour party as part of its youth wing before studying at Cambridge where he attained a degree in Modern History. She worked for the Care and Progress Foundation, a Labour affiliated think tank until 1997 when she starting working as a special advisor to Labour leader Joseph Davis. She continued to serve on the management board of the Care and Progress Foundation until 2006.

In the 2000 elections Victor ran for the seat of Chesterfield which she won with a narrow majority. In 2003 she was promoted to the shadow cabinet, serving as the Shadow Minister for Welfare. The 2005 saw the Labour Party again lose the election under Joseph Davis, which resulted in a party leadership election. Appealing to the moderate reformist and social democratic wing of the party alongside cementing an image of a youthful leader, Victor won the election becoming the leader of the opposition.

In the 2010 general elections Victor became Prime Minister of Britannia defeating incumbent Ryan Golding although she was forced to share a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, becoming the youngest prime minister of Britannia in over a hundred years. Her first term saw the implementation of Keynesian economics alongside retaining moderate austerity measures in order to combat the ongoing Great Recession. Victor also had Britannia participate in airstrikes against Libya in 2011 and support military intervention against ISIL. Within Britannia Victor has also reformed parts of the healthcare, education and welfare systems as well as oversee the legalisation of same-sex marriage in all of Britannia save Northern Ireland. Despite supporting Britannia's role within the European Union, Victor has however enforced greater anti-immigration measures, implementing a points-based system.

In the 2012 elections Victor and the Labour Party lost several seats and was forced out from the government, with William Fawcett becoming Prime Minister.

Victor has been credited as moving the Labour Party in a more social democratic direction, with herself being an advocate of third way. This along with her support for some austerity measures has led to critics accusing her of pushing the Labour Party in a more centrist or even centre right direction.

Early life

Labour Party

Prime Minister

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Personal life

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