Part of Aniartir
Region Information
Highest Point: Somewhere in the Óre Albais, excluding them, the Narid Zibag
Lowest Point: The sea
Average Temperature: 20C
Low Temperature: 0 C
High Temperature: 35 C
Cities and Towns
Population: 1 500 000 ?
Pop. Density: dunno
Largest City: Narid Zibag OR Tanos valir
Cities: Tiris Nilvin, Larasin
Towns: Tanos Aran, Tanosiad

Eriedún is geographic region located in northwestern Aniartir. It is bordered to the east by the Óre Albais (White mountains, the Ithryn Racil and the river running north from the Lanyr Tarth. Its southern border is the river running from Kheled Zahar westwards.



  1. Rhaglad- the only functioning realm.

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