The Jovatju Language, meaning the "Land-People" language, is a major language in Estreoth and a former lingua franca of Etrothos. It is the predecessor to modern Ethrosian and the successor to Amarthias. Unlike either of those languages, Jovatju has a unique grammatical structure.

Jovatju takes it name from a tribal group that inhabited the southern Vehra in the early portion of the first millennia. Over time, their language was incorporated into the very early Kingdom of Morith due to trade and intermarriage. Because other tribal groups east of the Vehra spoke various dialects of Jovatju, it continued to grow in popularity alongside Amarthian until it eventually superseded it in the third century.

Today, Jovatju continues to be widely spoken in the eastern kingdoms as well as remaining common in Hetrea.


Jovatju has 31 characters in its alphabet. Many of them have no direct comparison in modern Ethrosian and as such are use a combination of modern characters to approximate their sound.

A Vi, C, D, E, Mal, G, H, Cv, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Mek, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Rok, Ae, Zh, Ts, Oo

Word List

Parts of Speech

Ethrosian/English Jovatju
Who Va
What Cvy
Where Zhae
When Tek
How Vumek
Is, Are Ka
Yes Asai
No Ve
Be, Am Ta
Afternoon, Greeting Ce
Thanks Savi
Possessive Marker Te
Group Marker Ju
Question Marker De
For Lak


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
I, Myself Sul
Man, He Zhu
Woman, Her Poja
Androgynous, It Poju
Teacher, Mentor Tevita
Friend Maltuva
We Luhar
You Vol


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
Settlement Katara
Force Rumal
Strength Cvedrok
Person, Individual Voljumek
Group Voljutas
Sky, Heaven Althar
Earth, Ground Juvat
Sea, Ocean Wod
Boat, Ship Portet
Night Colvyt
River Koma
Light Argeth
Fire Zy
Water Tsan
Building, Structure Luceta
Hill Asi
Mountain Asizhu
Border Mal
Coast Wodmal


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
Breath, Life Aretal
Age, Old Ken
Motion, Movement, Action Ru
Name Jekan
Language Cvolmata


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
Before Tus
Now, Current Nim
After Vek
Yesterday Tusnimal
Today Nimal
Tomorrow Veknimal


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
Zero Ooch
One Nek
Two Tuva
Three Leh
Four Kael
Five Vomal
Six Set
Seven Roka
Eight Cvel
Nine Woot
Ten Hed
Ten value (Twenty, Thirty, Etc) Vi
Hundred Value Veta
Thousand Value Goda
Many Tas
Much Dyn


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
To Ask Tena
To Bring Vilas
To Kill Kreck
Did, Do Meka
Will do Meveka


Ethrosian/English Jovatju
Alone Malai

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