Kirali is a language that originated in the northern Barefet Desert around the third century BM.


Kirali goes back several thousand years as a minor language used by tribes in the Barafet. After the fall of the Ancient Kingdom, the Kirali language became the primary language of the desert. Even today it remains the primarily language of the Kingdom of Anktolia and is typically the only language non-nobility will understand.

Spoiler Warning:   The scholars of Estreoth have yet to discover the following knowledge. There are no myths or legends here my friends, only fact! You have been warned.

Kirali was actually a human language used before the Alemnii's conquest of Estreoth. It was used as one of numerous slave languages for the several thousand years. Unlike hundreds of other languages which were eventually suppressed and annihilated by the Alemnii, Kirali remained in use, albeit secretively, for thousands of years. A written component, apparently derived from Ancient Amarthias, was developed by the Kiralin.

End of Spoilers

Sample Words

Ethrosian - Kirali Word List
Ethrosian Kirali
Fire Bara
Land Fet

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